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Our Resources

Wabash County is blessed with many resources to support the residents in the community. We now have two great ways to locate resources available in the community.

Other Resources

  • Parkview Hospital Community Needs Assessment (PDF)

  • ALICE (Assets Limited, Income Constrained, Employed)

  • 2021_IYI_KIDS_COUNT_Databook

  • 2021_IYI_KIDS_COUNT_Wabash

Wabash Community Resource List and Map 

In order to help our organization and partners understand where to best meet the need and support the community, we wanted to identify the existing resources or “assets” available in the community. In early 2018, we set out to identify all of the existing assets that are available within our 3 focus areas by working with Transform Consulting Group. Together, we found more than 300!


As a resource for the community, we wanted to make this information available for partners to use. We are proud to release the Wabash County Asset Map. This Asset Map is interactive and identifies available services and resources in the community for each core focus area: Health, Education, and Financial Stability.


Nonprofit Agency Board Survey

United Fund and community partners like Community Foundation of Wabash County and Grow Wabash County,  encourage local participation on nonprofit board of directors.  If you are a nonprofit in Wabash County and would like to submit information about your board member needs, click here to complete the survey.

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