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Healthy residents are the cornerstones of a healthy community. We’re working to improve the health of our entire community through resources, support and investment in child welfare, nutrition and fitness, mental health services, and preventative screenings.


How? We support the following partners who promote active lifestyles, advocate for initiatives that reduce drug use and provide wellness resources for children and adults.


  1. 85 Hope provides access to free primary medical assistance, medications, labs, x-rays, and physical therapy for residents of Wabash County who have no insurance, inadequate insurance or financial need.  85 Hope has clinic locations in Wabash and North Manchester.

  2. Wabash County Cancer Society reimburses cancer patients on miscellaneous items such as mileage to treatment and prescriptions.

  3. Hands of Hope (a division of Radiant Health Services) intervenes and prevents domestic and sexual violence and stalking through education, advocacy, and comprehensive strategies.  Follow Hands of Hope on Facebook at

  4. Community Cupboard Food Pantry provides fresh produce, bread, staples, meat and household items of necessity.

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